Student Banking With NatWest

August 22 2016


NatWest got in touch with me to collaborate on a blog post about Student Banking. Now my student life seems like a lifetime ago, but I do remember how important it was to have a good student account.
Not only did it provide a place for my loans to be transferred to, job payments made and bills to be paid from, it also came with a number of benefits that I made the most out of during my time at University.

I was good at managing my money as a student, and working alongside my course allowed me the financial flexibility to live well enough and fund my then hobby: blogging! Now it’s turned into a full time gig, I’m super chuffed. I will definitely advice to pick an account that you can also grow and transition into the real world with, and NatWest offer one of the best.

Setting up a NatWest Student Account means you get to enjoy these great benefits too:

1. The Coach Card.

This entitles you to a 1/3 off standard adult coach fares in the UK with National Express. I travelled a lot while I was at university, visiting friends all over the country at their own universities, and also making frequent trips back home, so having a coach card was very essential for me. With the coach card you can also get 10% off travel to festivals and events in the UK, as there are usually a lot of these during term time. Also, and a big also, you can get 10% off coach fares to lots of great European destinations with Euroline. Should make for a good reason to gather your friends and take a fun trip somewhere for an adventure!
All you need to get your hands on this is sign up to the NatWest Student Account and
online banking, and you’ll receive yours in the post within 5 working days.

2. Online & Mobile Banking.

These tools are used to monitor your money and spending habits, it really is needed, especially as you’ll be on the go most of the time, it’s just easier to have access to your account whenever you want to. You can also pay contacts using your mobile number and transfer money between your accounts. Also, you can set up Text Alerts via Online Banking, which lets you know if you’re close to a certain limit and help you keep track of your finances. Very handy!

3. The Overdraft.

Up to £2000 overdraft just in case payments don’t come in on time! All students need a safety net such as this. I remember when this would save me from unnecessary charges when I needed to pay an important bill, but was still waiting for money to be transferred into my account. You can apply for up to £500 in your Term 1 and up to £2000 after that.


It’s very easy to apply online for the NatWest Student Account, and to find out more about it, click this link: [Link].

To apply, you must be aged 17 or over & completing a full-time undergraduate course that lasts at least 2 years: completing a full-time post-graduate course; or training as a nurse, at a UK university or college of higher education. If you want to apply for the Arranged Overdraft too, you’ll need to be aged 18 or above and a permanent UK resident (ordinarily resident in the UK for 3 years or more).


Do you have any student finance tips from your experience you’d like to share? Write in the comments and get a conversation started!


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  • Reply Michelle Joseph August 22 2016 at 9:06 pm

    I’ve been with Natwest since I was a student and I haven’t changed to anyone else. For me, they are the perfect bank.

    Mich x

  • Reply Amaka O October 24 2016 at 4:04 pm

    I have been with NatWest Bank for over 4 years and they have been excellent. My story with NatWest stems from my ultimate disappointment from another well known banking institution who closed my current account and refused re-opening another! I was an international student and my tuition and accommodation fees were paid via this bank (being an international student I am talking about thousands of pounds regularly). It was therefore very disheartening to hear this, all because I missed a couple of direct debit payments. This was rightly my fault (as a student in London, it was very easy to become financially irresponsible) but this knowledge did nothing to dampen my disappointment particularly as I was not offered any further advise or suggestions like, SWITCH to a student account! The next step was to open a new account with a new bank. So I walked into a NatWest branch in Nottingham market square as I was living there at the time. I was greeted and attended to with keen interest, I quickly told my story and asked if I could open an account and the response was a prompt and resounding yes! I have not looked back since then.

    I am particularly keen on the mobile banking app as it is easy to use, straight forward and there are no hassles. You can do everything from bank transfers, overdraft and loan application to finding the nearest branch and ATM locations. The online banking is also very easy to use and is less complicated adding a new payee even with the card reader compared to other banks (I know other banks processes are more tedious and time consuming).

    I would wholeheartedly recommend NatWest Bank to students even though I did not use their student services but I believe they would have great offers!

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