Coat on standby Coat on standby
Orange is the new Black Orange is the new Black

Coat on standby

March 14 2015

AMERICAN APPAREL Skirt (Similar Here) | TEZENIS Sweater | ZARA Heels | CARAVELLE Watch | TOPSHOP Sunglasses & Necklace Coat on standby. I can feel it, I can see it, I can smell it..Spring is on it’s way. Nothing excites me more than weather that’s not too warm you can still wear knits, but still sunny enough to pull out those sunglasses. I’ve been eagerly awaiting it, especially on those winter afternoons when the darkness fell early and the air was too cool to bear. Now it’s getting darker later and it’s warming up around here, this means so many good… Read More »

Orange is the new Black

February 5 2015

TOPSHOP Dress | RIVER ISLAND Heels | ZARA Bag | ASOS Watch | &OTHER STORIES Bangle Yesterday I posted on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook asking you guys to guess the theme of my outfit and the majority were spot on… Orange is the new Black. Well, while I’m away visiting family in a hotter climate. I’m currently in Lagos, Nigeria and it is 31°C (88°F) and it feels like I was popped straight into an oven from a freezer! As strange as it sounds I feel like I have permission to don brighter colours and make bolder choices with my… Read More »

Starting again… again.

January 24 2015

ZARA Coat, Turtleneck, Boots & Bag | TOPSHOP Jeans Just popped the kettle on, I’m about to make some tea – chamomile & honey, my favourite – and warm up after a morning of running errands in the cold. Glad to say that my knits and polo necks have been keeping me warm, but still feeling every bit as stylish as I feel when the weather is warmer. This is a very simple outfit, something I’d normally go for on a day when I want more function over fashion, like today. I love that in all black I feel ready for… Read More »

My Autumn Style

November 11 2014

This Autumn I’m so excited to be layering it up with my favourite sweaters, jackets, boots and the lot! Mind you, we did have a few sunny spells and warm weather at some point, hence the brave minimal heel, but now it’s getting a lot colder so I’m definitely switching those staples for a pair of boots! Don’t you just love it when you have a vision for something and it all comes together the way you intended for it to? I felt that way about this video. I tweeted earlier about how much fun I had creating it, from picking… Read More »

My Hair, Beauty & Style Secrets

October 26 2014

 Hello lovelies! So I thought it’d be fun (and hopefully helpful) to make this video, as I’ve discovered so many tricks that have been working so well for me, right from hair styles through to bras that work perfectly with various garments! I also had a little camera play, hence the shots! My top is a gorgeous number from Reiss. It reminds me of a dress that Beyonce wore to an awards show recently… white, lace, elegant…what more could you want? I hope you enjoy the video!  

Olivia Pope Inspired Style

October 10 2014

Hello everyone! I’m currently on holiday (Lagos, Nigeria), but I pre-filmed and edited this video for you. I’m a huge fan of Scandal and Olivia Pope’s style so I thought it’d be fun to do a Lookbook inspired by her. I hope you enjoy it. Which look is your favourite? I’m thinking of turning this into a series, what do you think? I could do a couple other on-screen sirens? Thinking it’d be fun, and i’ll get to experiment with my style a little…even try more colour, textures, patterns etc! Hope you enjoy the video, and be sure to click… Read More »

How To Be Organized (8 Tips)

September 24 2014

Hey there loves. I uploaded a video on my channel all about Organisation*, and thought to get a post up too. Might I add, this also gave me an excuse to arrange my little bits and take a neat photo! Ha! So, organisation takes time, but when you form a habit of it, life becomes a little easier. Here are some tips I hope you find useful, and please feel free to share yours in the comments too. 1. Organise your space. This helps you know what you have. Get rid of things you don’t use and give the things you… Read More »

In Transition

August 31 2014

ZARA Coat | TOPSHOP Jeans | ASOS Tee | CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Heels Funny how just a couple of days ago I was seriously considering buying a portable air conditioner, as my fan was no longer doing it for me, but now, I’ve found myself in my garage looking through my autumn/winter stash hoping to find my favourite jumpers and sweaters. The weather is cooling down! The temptation to put away all summer clothes and begin to don all autumn clothes has crept in, and with the stores already geared up for the season ahead, it’s hard not to get excited…… Read More »

A few favourite things… and a Hello!

August 25 2014

Pssst! Notice anything different?? A brand new Blog Design! Woohoo! I am so excited to bring you the new Shirley’s Wardrobe. In the last months I’ve been working on making a few changes here and there, to be able to express my creativity more fluidly. Shirley’s Wardrobe as you all know has been part of my life for a very long time, and it has evolved so much since the first day it begun. It started off as an offshoot to my YouTube Channel, where I’d share little snippets of my life, photo diaries and such. Today it is recognised… Read More »

Sometimes Phone Pics…

August 6 2014

I love that I can achieve such great shots with my little old iPhone! As much as I love to carry around my big DSLR, sometimes it’s more practical to have my phone on hand to capture those instant moments for my instagram and other social media. As I write this post, I’m sitting on my floor, in a pair of paint cladded leggings and tee! …I’ve been painting! Planned extensions and redecorations underway of my home, as well as a new home office. As you can imagine I’ve been running helter-skelter trying to find bits and pieces to fit… Read More »