A New Way To Store Makeup Brushes

January 5 2023



Bye-bye Spaghetti! Lol, JK.

I discovered this during the pandemic, and it’s a safe and sanitary way to store my brushes, as it keeps dust and other airborne germs at bay, and I feel more comfortable reaching for them to apply my makeup.

You can find food storage containers at your local supermarket, and they can also be found on Amazon.

Just an added note to mention the frequency and products I use to clean my brushes:

WEEKLY: Foundation/Concealer; Eyeliner;Eyelash Curler; Makeup Sponge.
EVERY 2 WEEKS: Eyeshadow; Powder; Blush; Bronzer; Highlight; Brow.
MONTHLY: Deep Clean ALL Brushes.

Products I use:

  1. Parian Spirit Brush Cleanser – Firstly, I apply this onto a kitchen towel, then swirl the brush in it. This removes buildup.
  2. Simple Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap – Secondly, I wash brush with this and lukewarm water. This removes any extra dirt and debris.
  3. Dettol Anti-Bacterial Spray – Thirdly, I spray the brush, then lay it on a clean towel to dry. This sanitises the bristles and handle.
  4. Amazon Food Storage Container – Lastly, once dry, I place brush into this, close and store away for future use.

Here’s an Instagram Reel of me showing the steps!

How do you clean/store your brushes?
Will you give this way a go?

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