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April 26 2014

Here are my favourite Shirlstagram moments in the last few weeks! Ohhh I love instagram! I’ve said this before, haha!You can follow my adventures there as well: @ShirleyBEniang. It’s been one heck of a busy week and I’m planning on having a weekend with nothing but relaxation, catching up on my favourite blogs and a bit of netflix. Oh yes, the good life. Hope you have an awesome one too! 1. New Nudes. 2. Clean Bedroom = Happy Shirley! 3. I keep an inventory of all my lipsticks… soo many, so I don’t buy them over again by accident. 4. Nude… Read More »

Insta-Outfits and other things…

January 28 2014

I’m sat here editing some footage for my YouTube Channel, and I thought, hey I need to check in with you guys! How are you all? So, where do I even begin? It’s been a whirlwind of ups and downs this January (January Blues?). I’m currently riding the up wave! So yay! Lol!I’m working on some amazing content for my channel (and blog), been in and out of meetings and studios since mid-week last week and all I can say is I’m super excited to share some amazingness with you guys very soon. But, the start of the year wasn’t… Read More »

Chilled Evening

July 17 2013

I’m sprawled across my floor with a bunch of chilled things to do this evening! Cleopatra is playing and I’m admiring Miss Taylor’s costumes and makeup… can we just have a moment to appreciate this amazing movie?  I’m also flipping through this month’s InStyle and grabbing so much inspiration! I was reading an article about colour and I began to think how fun it would be to incorporate more of it into my wardrobe and makeup looks! I’ve become so comfortable with my go-to classic black/white – with a pop of red 😉 – palette and even though I loooove… Read More »

Little White Dress

June 15 2013

ZARA Dress / ZARA Heels / H&M Clutch / RIVER ISLAND Watch / H&M Rings I attended a garden party on a roof terrace in Covent Garden yesterday, along with a few other YouTubers and Bloggers! With cocktails, delicious sandwiches and cupcakes, there was a lot of fun to be had! The theme was Secret Garden so I chose to wear this beautiful dress I’ve been dying to wear ever since I purchased it. It’s flowy and girly and I felt like such a little lady in it! I paired it with some red heels and a black clutch. Black,… Read More »

Camera Play

March 8 2013

What better way to test out my new setup for filming and photographing my tutorials by just goofing around and snapping away in the process!? Haha! ^.^ Have a super weekend everyone! On my lips: Cherry Lipliner & Ruby Woo Lipstick, both by MAC. Bodysuit from Primark.

Capturing moments.

December 18 2012

We’re half way through December and the time is fast approaching, if not already here, to reflect on the past year. A lot has changed since the beginning of the year, but I’m so grateful for all the experiences I’ve had and learnt from. I’m looking forward to what the next year will bring.  My Instagram Challenge has been going well, although I must admit, it has been a real challenge: remembering to snap away in between meetings and my busy schedule, and also making sure I’ve got the right shot! Haha! But that’s what it’s all about isn’t it?… Read More »

Oh, Hello!

October 22 2012

1. New Hair :: 2. French Tips :: 3. Enchiladas, yum! 4. Day out Shopping :: 5. Angel slices hmmm! :: 6. In Nandos being anti-social, haha! 7. Froyo, yo! :: 8. Gym time (Been doing a lot of Yoga too!) :: 9. RiRi.. Love this song! ~~~ I was planning on posting an outfit yesterday, but the rain just did not allow for me to photograph it. London eh? It’s been a while since I last blogged, and trust me when I say that I really wanted to in the last month, but just couldn’t bring myself to.I took… Read More »

Happy Sunday!

August 19 2012

September’s Elle, Topshop Sunglasses and My heat wave makeup: NYX Lip Gloss in Natural, tons of Soap & Glory Thick & Fast Mascara and MAC Select cover up Concealer in NC45. 1. Take some time out for yourself. 2. Have a fruit salad! 3. Read your favourite magazine or a novel. 4. Try Peppermint tea! 5. Give something: a smile, a hug or a high five!

Life through Instagram

June 18 2012

Instagram Mania!  Just a few snaps here and there of the little goings on in my life, my love for beauty & style and ofcourse food! Hehe! I was also featured on Huffington Post as a Favourite Fashion & Beauty Insider on Instagram! I was so excited when I found out from a lovely reader!   If you haven’t already, follow me @ShirleyBEniang!

Hello Nelly UK!

April 7 2012

Do you know what? I absolutely love to relax in my bed on a cool and calm evening like this, writing a post with the hazy sound of soul music in the background. I’m scratching my head wondering why I haven’t been doing it a lot lately! Here’s the deal, I think I’ve been caught up in other social mediums that I’ve forgotten how beautifully therapeutic it is to just write a blog post…sort it out Shirls! Anyway here’s what I got up to on Thursday evening! I was invited down to the marvellous W Hotel in Soho by’s… Read More »