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Little Jewellery Tree

December 6 2011

I wanted to show you this lovely  Jewellery Holder I purchased the other day from Paper Chase. It’s like a little tree, and it holds my necklaces nicely! It also comes in Berry Pink and Silver, and it was only £8.75! I just love it! It could also serve as a cute gift this Christmas, don’t you think? Also, here are a few new pieces I’ve bought recently. The first necklace is from Topshop (£10), the second necklace and wired bangle are from a stall at the Clothes Show which I attended on Friday (£3 each), and the amazing silver bangle is from… Read More »

Hardware (Accessories)

October 12 2011

There’s just something about this type of accessory that I Love. I’ve mentioned this before in the past, but I’m drawn to simple but unique looking jewellery, that still manages to make a statement. The necklace (£7.99) and bracelet (£3.99) are both by H&M. I’m wearing them today! 🙂 ~~~ BLOGLOVIN’ // YOUTUBE // TWITTER // LOOKBOOK // TUMBLR

Beauty Bits & Bobs

September 20 2011

It’s been a while since I had a beauty binge. I convinced myself earlier this summer that I had way too much makeup and beauty products, and it would be criminal to spend any more money on bits I really didn’t need.  It wasn’t until I decided to do a clearout and got rid of so much stuff, that I realised my beauty and makeup drawers felt naked. Lol! So I compiled a wishlist of things I needed and wanted (we all know there’s a difference between the two) and I’ve made allowance every now and again to buy things off… Read More »

New Vintage Gems.

June 29 2011

Why does it feel like yonks since I last blogged? I think it’s because I’ve been so incredibly busy, and have not had time to even check my tweets or e-mails, let alone hit the “New Post” button! How are we all?? Very well I hope, the weather’s been good, so no complaining there! It’s nice though, to finally have some time to relax, and talk to you all! 🙂 Here are two vintage gems I’ve picked up, the clutch (£10) from the local charity shop, and scarf (£5) from a market stall on my brief visit to Brick Lane… Read More »

We are Glitter.

June 10 2011

Silver Foxy Woods, £95 : Jeffery Campbell (C/O Zalando) Ahhhhh. And again..Ahhhhh! Do you guys know how much I’ve been wanting a pair of Foxy Woods??? Well, if you didn’t, I really lusted for a pair. So you can imagine my excitement when I was contacted by Zalando, offering to send me a pair…Let’s just say I died. They arrived this morning, wrapped and boxed up ever so nicely. I opened up the package and the glittering beauties stared right back at me, asking to be tried on. And ofcourse I did, they looked beaut, even with my Primark heart… Read More »

New Stuff!

May 19 2011

Orange Wedges, £35 : Garage Shoes // Black Sandals, £32 : Topshop First off… A massive thank you to all of you who read and comment, and have followed my blog!! I reached 3000 on GFC and 1000 on bloglovin‘! I’m so chuffed!!Thank you Thank you! 😀 Some new stuff I’ve gotten, more mentioned in the video (HERE)! I’m not exaggerating when I say I really can not wait till Exam season is over, so I can get back to blogging properly! I’ve got tons of ideas and exciting things to share with you so please don’t go anywhere!! Also I’ve put up some items in… Read More »

My new Love.

May 10 2011

Satchel, £5. Oh Primark, you have done it again.I spotted this cute satchel while browsing around the store yesterday, and I immediately thought of Céline’s Spring Summer 11 collection of Shoulder Satchels (Pictured Below). The Primark one has sort of a vintage look, but bares a slight resemblance in shape and size to Céline’s.How divine do these look though? I especially like the Yellow one! [Photos : Céline.] A Shop & Tell Video will be filmed and uploaded to Youtube once I get home from Uni later, so make sure you subscribe to My Channel to be updated! 🙂 ..xo

What’s in my Candy Bag?

April 15 2011

In my Candy & Cocktails post, I asked you to have a think and guess which Candy Bag I went for, and Tadaaaa!!! I went for the Clear one, with Orange & Pink accents! Pretty, isn’t it?! I’m quite overjoyed to be an owner of this coveted beauty! Ok, so what’s in it? I have my… Camera (Nikon D5000)You never know when a “Kodak” moment will materialise! 😉 PurseFrom my bank cards to my loyalty cards…my life is in there! NovelI love reading, always have a book/mag in my bag! Phone Should be in there, but has disappeared! Probably on… Read More »

Something new.

April 11 2011

Sexy Internacionale Leopard Print Wedges, £22.99 Vogue & Elle. Topshop Rust Cardi, £12.99 Blogging shall resume shortly. Just been tied down with tons of Uni work! I’ve managed to finish a big piece, so that’s a weight off my shoulders, I can now concentrate on just revising! Wahey!!(So not Wahey! -_-) Also, I started a new Tumblr, deleted the old one for various reasons, but just in case you were wondering below’s a link to my new one! 🙂 Love, Vintage Peaches. Have a lovely evening! ..xo

The Margot – Primark’s imitation.

March 18 2011

It’s almost as if the designers at Primark HQ read my “Shirley Shares” post a few weeks back (Not that they read my blog ofcourse, lol!), where I talked about being in Love with this Margot Lace dress by Erdem (Pictured below). They came out with a copy. It’s not exactly the same, The Margot is lace all over, while the copy has it only on the body, and is sleeveless. It’s so obvious where the inspiration came from though. Being the not so rich girl (The Erdem dress is £1,960..cor blimey!) who loves the odd Primark purchase, I couldn’t let this one slip… Read More »