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Thank You!

December 7 2009

I just want to thank everyone for the support I recieved after my last post. It’s so lovely to know I can rely on you lot. 😀 Reading your comments just made me all the more determined to be happy! Thank you. I love you all! …xx

Fashion Look – Faux Denim Shirt Dress :)

July 8 2009

+ Random Talk! Hey ladies! So today, i had to go return my books back to 6th form, because they’ve been pestering me to do so for ages! I don’t understand why the school still needs to send letters home, threatening that i wouldn’t get my results if i don’t hand the books in. I’m friggin’ 19 m8, How silly! I must admit, I’ve been a bit lazy…i just couldn’t be bothered to TREK all the way to West London (I live in North London), just to hand in Maths Books! But I finally did.yay. Enough ranting! The weather was… Read More »

Fashion Look – H&M Summer Dress.

June 16 2009

+ Random Talk Today was my last day at 6th Form… …yay and aww! I’m soo happy that my exams are over and i’m now able to get on with my life… …but i’m soo sad that it has all come to an end. All the Joke times, tears and madness that went on at BR, i’m seriously going to miss. The end of an Era. Anyhoo, i was going off topic there for a min! It was really hot and sunny today in London, so i pulled out one of my summer dresses. It’s from H&M and i got… Read More »

My new Primark Maxi Dress.

April 19 2009

My Outfit of the day… This dress is Gorgeous. It’s a blue maxi dress with a very lovely pattern. I combined it with a leafy brass necklace and a bunch of brown and gold bangles and beads. Dress – PrimarkLeaf necklace – PrimarkChunky Bangle – TopShop Glass Beads – Primark I hope you like it! xoxo,

Superdrug, Boots and Primark haul.

April 3 2009

“One man mission” to the mall! In other words i made a trip down to the mall on my own…! It was fun, but it would’ve been cool to have my crazy peepz with me! It’s all good though. Superdrug && Boots are having promotions, 3 for 2, on many lines, so get yourselves down there if you can!!! Take a look at what i got… Rimmel Nail Varnishes + I ♥ Lasting finish Tangerine Queen + I ♥ Lasting finish Double Decker Red + 60 seconds Sunrise Rimmel Lipliners + 1000 kisses Red Dynamite + ” ” Indian Pink… Read More »

My First Post!

February 9 2009

Hellooooo everyoneeeeee!!! I’m new to this blog thing… I started it off as an offshoot to my YouChoob channel and it seems like its going to be fun posting about all kinds of stuff! Thanks for following me! Just a quick explanation of the words meek and mild… meek ‘n’ mild M e e k (adj., meek·er, meek·est.) Showing patience and humility; gentle. M i l d (adj., mild·er, mild·est.) Gentle or kind in disposition, manners, or behavior. I try to be meek and mild everyday, just like Jesus was. xoxo,Shirley


January 1 2009

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