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December 15 2010

Early this morning I received a lovely e-mail from Modé Chronicles, an artist and follower of my blog. She had painted me. I was soo excited so I clicked through to her website to find this… Words cannot express how touched I am *tear*! Thank you. She is incredibly talented! Make sure to check out her website HERE, where she posts lots of her amazing art. ..xo


September 3 2010

I took this photo of my lovely sister yesterday! She woke up one morning and decided to dye her hair red. …Oh how I love her sponteneity and her general love for life! Amazing individual she is! She’s really rocking it! What do you think? ..xo *PS* Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming posts from her, she’ll be guest blogging over here soon! Oh and you can follow her on Twitter HERE, she’ll be soo chuffed! lol!

Happy Birthday to my Partner in Crime…

August 3 2010

…my Beautiful Sister Kezia. Always been there for me when I needed someone to rant to, cry with and mess about cracking jokes.Honestly, where would I be without you?!? *Sigh* And that infectious laughter of yours… My only faithful friend. Love you. ..xo


May 4 2010

I love my Madre. It’s so nice to be with her and talk about everything! I did her makeup today! All the colours on her eyes are from the Sleek Bohemian Palette. Her cheeks were lightly bronzed/blushed (MACs Format Blush) and her lips were coated with a soft shimmery lippy (17 Honey Blossom) and a Coral Lipgloss (MACs Lychee Luxe) over it! She looks Beautiful, don’t you agree? 😀 Would you like a tutorial for this look? 🙂 …xx

My Precious Ones.

May 4 2010

So I’m back in London. I missed my Family so much, I didn’t realise until I moved away how much I love spending time with them, especially my siblings…Alan’s wise words, Kezia’s constant (and infectious) Laughter and Nathaniel’s Craziness! haha! The weather was really lovely so I took Kezia and Nate to the park to play. It was really fun. I also got to play with Kezia’s new Camera, a Nikon D60 I believe, and managed to snap a few moments. Such a great Camera, thinking of investing in one for myself! *Sigh* …It’s good to be home. 🙂 …xx


December 12 2009

My little brother Nathaniel was so excited on the phone today. Apparently he spent the day decorating the house with Kezia my sister and that’s what made him so giddy. He told me about all the things he had in mind to get for the whole family for Christmas. For me, he would get loads of MAC make-up “…so that you can put on your blog Shirley.” For my other siblings he would get iMACs “…they complain tooo much about their laptops Shirley.” he says. For my mummy and daddy he said he would take them to M&S and buy… Read More »

Messin’ around with Alan and Kezzie Wezzie & Funny Story.

August 9 2009

Earlier on that evening… Daddy had just loaded our accounts with our allowances and what did we do?? Yup..we went Shoppinggg!!! lol Late night shopping on Oxford Street! Gotta Love It! Got some awesome stuff that will be featured in upcoming Fashion Look Posts! I Love hanging out with these two…even though they drive me up the wall sometimes, they are incredibly hilarious! Funny Story: When we got to Euston Station to change for the Victoria Line, The station operator announced the the escalators were out of order, so we began the long descent down to the platform (…bear in… Read More »

We were meant to be STUDYING!

May 31 2009

My sister and I have Finals this week!!!So we decided it was best to leave the house…(because my brothers are home for 1/2 term and the house just became to damn NOISY!)…to find a condusive environment for studying. … We went to the Library; But it was PACKED OUT with other Kids revising, we couldn’t even find a chair to sit on, this one woman even started an arguement with another woman, geez! We went to the park; But there were just tooo MANY bugs! So we sorta gave up and decided to go back home! On our way back… Read More »


March 31 2009

I am becoming increasingly hooked on this thing. I find that i am watching two or three simultaneously…It’s so freakin’ great! I’m now wishing i was Japanese, sooo crazy huh? I find myself uttering some Japanese sayings, while the rest of my family look to me in disbelief…!hahahahahaha. What brought this on? I hear you ask… DEATH NOTE (Fave Character has to be L, if you watch it, you’ll know why!) I swear i almost failed my AS exams because of this…(i said almost!!!). I found my brother watching it one night, and when i asked what it was about,… Read More »

My Sister Kezia…

March 14 2009

I have a sister and her name is Kezia. She is incredibly hilarious and i L O V E her sooo much. She comes up with the most bizzare things/sayings, and believe it or not, i document some of it …and i know her friend Chantelle does the same! lol I’ve decided to dedicate this post to her,because she means soooo much to me and she inspires me every single day. … Some Kezia Sayings: “Can somebody please tell me what happened to Shane Ward. This business can be so heartless sometimes” (*Starts to sing Breathless out of TUNE!!!*) *Shirley… Read More »